Wejdź do środka filmy – karty mieszkań i spacery wirtualne dla Twojej inwestycji


Why don’t you show your client your apartment? The argument that the investment is under construction is a thing of the past! Show each apartment in your investment to the potential buyer. Thanks to this, you will start selling faster! 


Jeżeli chcesz, żeby Twoja oferta zapadała szybko w pamięci klienta stwórz kartę mieszkania. To nie tylko przejrzysta grafika prezentująca nieruchomość, ale też wszystkie informacje kluczowe dla nabywcy zebrane w zgrabny sposób. 

What you will find in a virtual walk

The walk is built on the basis of a 3D model of your apartment. Thanks to this, we have the freedom to create shots that show your investment. The walk will include your logo, contact information, a link to the website of your investment, as well as info spots where you can post additional information, such as tables with the area. The walk also has an interactive map which is a 3D projection of your apartment!


Let the client quickly find out where the sales office of your investment is located and have direct contact with the agent serving him. The walk will contain links to your investment website.

Info spots

We can place an info spot anywhere in the apartment, which will present information in the form of texts, graphics or links to websites related to your apartment.

Apartment card

In the place indicated by you, we can place the info spot with the apartment card, which will contain such information as the address of the investment, 3D projection of the apartment, table with the area or direct contact to the agent.

Check out our virtual walks

Below you can see some examples of realizations of virtual walks . Some of these apartments were sold before they were even built! It does not matter if you want to sell a studio apartment or a large family apartment with a garden – we will prepare a special virtual walk that will suit your needs! 


If you are still wondering or have any questions, please contact us directly.
… And sell your property faster!