Wejdź do środka filmy – karty mieszkań i spacery wirtualne dla Twojej inwestycji



If you want your offer to be quickly remembered by the client, create an apartment card. It is not only a clear graphic presenting the property, but also all the key information for the buyer, collected in a neat way. 

In few words...

On our card you will find all the key information about your property. We are able to prepare a special card for your needs. According to our standard, the basic version of the card contains the following information. 



We present the location of the real estate under construction so that the client will quickly recognize which part of the city your investment is located in.

Flat projection

The main element that draws attention is the 3D projection of the apartment, which will stimulate the imagination of your client.


The most important information such as the total area, floor, building will be highlighted in a visible place.

Table with metrics

Next to the projection, we will present tables with the exact size of the rooms. The rooms will be numbered on the plan and in the table.

Floor plan

The card has a place for information about the exact location of the apartment on the first floor along with information about its insolation.


Let the client quickly find out where the sales office of your investment is located and have direct contact with the agent serving him.

What our apartment cards look like

Below you can see some examples of our card realizations. If you do not want to use our standard formats – we will prepare a card especially for you, which will contain all the information about the investments that you want to provide! All you have to do is send us a message with information on what else should be on the card. 


If you would like to prepare cards for your investment or have any questions – contact us …
… and sell your property faster!